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Mice Control

Our pest control company provides professional Mice Control services across Rugby, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Lutterworth, Daventry, Northampton.

We know what it is like to have something in your house, uninvited, eating your food and leaving little messages all over your kitchen, bathroom etc. It doesn't matter how clean you are, how often you tidy, if the mice like it, they are going to stay. And they breed really quickly. It only takes 2, and within 6 weeks you have a little family. Mice become sexually mature in eight to ten weeks, and a pair may produce eight litters each of 16 young in a year. Multiply those and you arrive at a horrifying number of mice!

They climb well and can squeeze through very small gaps. These nibbling nuisances have a compulsive need to gnaw in order to keep their incisor teeth worn down to a constant length. Mice may seriously damage electric cables, water and gas pipes, packaging and woodwork – many instances of electrical fires and floods have been attributed to mice. They contaminate far more food than they consume and they are capable of carrying many diseases, particularly food poisoning.

The average house mouse sheds 70 droppings in 24 hours and urinates frequently to mark its territory.

Treatment is usually 2 visits, possibly more if the infestation is large. We use 1 step poison, in secure boxes, so perfectly safe, as little fingers cannot get hold of the poison. The poison contains Bitrex™. This makes it taste bitter to kids, cats, dogs and is unpalatable, so you know it's safe. However, you need to keep your rodent pets (hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, pet rats) away.

Mole Control

Our pest control company provides professional Mole Control services across Rugby, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Lutterworth, Daventry, Northampton.

There are only 2 guaranteed ways to get rid of a trapping or by gassing.

If you enjoy your garden and you have a mole enjoying it as well, the chances are you are pulling your hair out. Every day, another few unsightly molehills are ruining your masterpiece. Your eye is drawn to the hills, you can't help it, and it becomes all-consuming. You have to be rid of the moles..

The mole is abundant throughout mainland Britain and is found wherever there are suitable soils for tunnelling. The moles themselves are rarely seen – their unsightly molehills, however, and therefore the tunnels underneath have been known to cause tremendous problems. The tunnelling causes unevenness of the surface and instability of the ground which can result in injuries to domestic animals, particularly racehorses, but also cows and sheep. The molehills can also damage mowing machinery, and are extremely unwelcome on the expensive turf of a golf green, bowling green or a prized lawn.

Rabbit Control

Rabbit Control

Rat Control

Our pest control company provides professional Rat Control services across Rugby, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Lutterworth, Daventry, Northampton.

Rats are extremely unsanitary and are a serious hazard to public health. It was fleas from rats that caused the outbreak of Bubonic Plague and they regularly spread diseases such as Salmonella Food Poisoning, Jaundice and Typhus.

They are large long-tailed rodents and one of the worst possible pest infestations you can be subjected to. They to gnaw constantly as their teeth grow constantly throughout their lives. This can lead to damage to pipe work, electrical cables and actual buildings, causing fires, floods and expensive repair bills.

A bite from a rat can be extremely serious, even fatal in certain circumstances.

Rats contaminate food with their droppings and urine and are more common in homes as the weather gets cooler, but they can be a nuisance at any time of year.

They multiply very quickly and can have as many as six litters per year, with 6 to 14 baby rats in each litter. By three months old the offspring are ready to reproduce themselves.

It is easy to see how a rat infestation could rapidly take over your home.

There are a few tell tale signs indicating the presence of rats. Evidence could include gnawing, damage to stored products, rat droppings (dark brown and the size of a sultana), oily rub marks (rats excrete an oil to protect their fur), small footprint tracks in dust, burrows, nests, and the noise of rats scurrying about.

One of the main reasons for rats is unsanitary conditions, which encourage them to set up home. When we visit we will give you advice on rat-proofing your home and improving the hygiene levels to deny them access to any food sources other than the poison bait used to kill them.

If you discover you have rats in your home, it is vital that you get it dealt with immediately. Do not delay; call us immediately.

It will take at least 2 visits, possibly more, to get a rat infestation eradicated.

Squirrel Control

Our pest control company provides professional Squirrel Control services across Rugby, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Lutterworth, Daventry, Northampton.

Everyone loves watching the squirrels scurrying around in the woods or park. They look so cute. We even love watching them in our own gardens, up and down the trees. However, when they move into your house instead of staying in the trees, they can cause tremendous damage. Like all rodents, they constantly gnaw and setting up home in an attic often means gnawed roof timbers and/or electrical cables.

It is an offence to release a grey squirrel into the wild, so we have no choice but to humanely dispatch them, using traps.

The trap has to be inspected daily to see if a squirrel has been caught. If yes, then we will come out and remove it. We will the reset the traps, if necessary, to catch further squirrels.

At our first visit we should be able to find out where the squirrels are getting in and advise you about proofing the holes to prevent reinfestation. The proofing needs to carried out after the squirrels are gone, because usually they will do anything to re-enter and often cause even more damage