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Keeping bugs and insects under control throughout Warwickshire

Insect Pest Control

Ant pest control service in Warwickshire

Ant Pest Control

The commonest species that invades houses is the Black Garden Ant. Having your food cupboards invaded by hungry ants is not pleasant. They always seem to be everywhere you look and there are so many of them!

Usually they are more of a nuisance than a serious problem, but if left untreated they can do some damage to the fabric of the building. Luckily, they are fairly easy to control.

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Bedbug pest control service in Warwickshire

Bedbug Control

"Sleep tight - don't let the bedbugs bite"

They do bite. And they are very tough and hardy. Infested rooms may have bugs under wallpaper or in crevices in the furniture and joinery.

They generally emerge to feed at night and their bite can cause severe local irritation.

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Bee nest control service in Warwickshire

Bee Control

Providers of honey and almost universally viewed with affection by the public, honey bees are one of the most well-known insects. Many species of bee are found in the UK. Some produce honey, some do not. Some live in highly organised colonies, some on their own. Some sting, some do not.

Bees rarely present problems as pests. However, feral swarms and nests can set up home in undesirable places such as chimneys and wall cavities. Control may, therefore, be necessary.

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Cluster fly control service in Warwickshire

Cluster Fly Control

You know if you have Cluster Flies, they are everywhere. They are sluggish inflight and are a nuisance in the house. In autumn they congregate in large numbers in upper rooms or roof spaces of houses to hibernate.

They return every year to hibernate, as they have done for thousands of years, it's just that your house is now in their way.

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Cockroach pest control service in Warwickshire

Cockroach Control

The cockroach is associated with dirty unhygienic kitchens. I think we all dread seeing a cockroach, especially in our own home.

But generally they thrive around the heating ducts and boiler rooms of large centrally heated buildings e.g. hospitals, bakeries, hotel and restaurant kitchens, laundries and blocks of flats.

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Flea pest control service in Warwickshire

Flea Control

Don't we all just hate fleas? They make us feel dirty and untidy. Just thinking about them makes us itch. I bet you're scratching right now, just reading this.

They can also hurt. In fact the pain of the bites andthe allergic reactions most of us get to flea bites is when most of us realise that we have fleas.

Pets are usually to blame. The Cat flea is by far the commonest species of flea and readily bites humans. Poor dogs get the blame as well, but the dog flea is rare. There are also bird fleas.

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House fly pest control service in Warwickshire

Fly Control

Yuck! If you followed a fly for a day, you wouldn't eat for a week.

Flies feed by vomiting saliva on to the food surface, treading it in and sucking up the resulting liquid. In the course of doing so, the fly contaminates the food with bacteria from its gut and its feet.

Rugby Pest Control provides professional Fly Control services across Rugby, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Lutterworth, Daventry, Northampton.

Wasp Nest removal service in Warwickshire

Wasp Control

We all hate wasps. A large, conspicuous buzzing insect with yellow and black stripes. They have a sweet tooth at one end and a painful sting at the other. If you have a wasp nest at your property it will start to be a real problem in August/September time. The nest could easily hold over 30,000 wasps and they will sting if annoyed or threatened.

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Customer Reviews

Very Helpful

Offered a lot of advice over the phone on the initial call which was very helpful. They came and sorted the problem out quickly and thoroughly -  More than happy to call them out again if we have any issues.

Albert Kaudze

Bird mites in the loft

Rugby Pest Control came out an hour after my phone call. They cleared out all nesting material from the loft and fumigated the whole house. He came back a week later to check for signs.  Inexpensive,  punctual, reliable and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Rugby Pest Control.

John Foster

Professional, reliable and knowledgeable

Can't thank the Rugby Pest Control team enough for sorting out issues on my premises. They were professional, reliable and knowledgeable from start to finish! Would definitely recommend! Thanks again!

Fran Bestard

Experience is second to none

We highly recommend Rugby Pest Control. Their knowledge and experience is second to none. Fast and efficient wood worm treatment can't thank them enough. Wouldn't use any other firm.

Russ & Kay

Very reassuring

Initial contact with Michaela was very reassuring showing a clear depth of knowledge over the phone. Prompt response in sending out Brendan who quickly and efficiently diagnosed the problem and set out the way forward.

Jacqui Dewick

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