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Pest control service in Rugby Warwickshire


Rodent and mammal control in Warwickshire

Rodent & Mammal Pest Control

Mice pest control service in Warwickshire

Mice Pest Control

We know what it is like to have something in your house, uninvited, eating your food and leaving little messages all over your kitchen, bathroom etc. It doesn't matter how clean you are, how often you tidy, if the mice like it, they are going to stay.

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Mole pest control service in Warwickshire

Mole Pest Control

If you enjoy your garden and you have a mole enjoying it as well, the chances are you are pulling your hair out. Every day, another few unsightly molehills are ruining your masterpiece. Your eye is drawn to the hills, you can't help it, and it becomes all-consuming. You have to be rid of the moles.

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Rat control service in Warwickshire

Rat Control

Rats are extremely unsanitary and are a serious hazard to public health. It was fleas from rats that caused the outbreak of Bubonic Plague and they regularly spread diseases such as Salmonella Food Poisoning, Jaundice and Typhus.

They are large long-tailed rodents and one of the worst possible pest infestations you can be subjected to. They to gnaw constantly as their teeth grow constantly throughout their lives. This can lead to damage to pipe work, electrical cables and actual buildings, causing fires, floods and expensive repair bills.

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Squirrel pest control service in Warwickshire

Squirrel Control

Everyone loves watching the squirrels scurrying around in the woods or park. They look so cute. We even love watching them in our own gardens, up and down the trees.

However, when they move into your house instead of staying in the trees, they can cause tremendous damage. Like all rodents, they constantly gnaw and setting up home in an attic often means gnawed roof timbers and/or electrical cables.

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Customer Reviews

Very Helpful

Offered a lot of advice over the phone on the initial call which was very helpful. They came and sorted the problem out quickly and thoroughly -  More than happy to call them out again if we have any issues.

Albert Kaudze

Bird mites in the loft

Rugby Pest Control came out an hour after my phone call. They cleared out all nesting material from the loft and fumigated the whole house. He came back a week later to check for signs.  Inexpensive,  punctual, reliable and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Rugby Pest Control.

John Foster

Professional, reliable and knowledgeable

Can't thank the Rugby Pest Control team enough for sorting out issues on my premises. They were professional, reliable and knowledgeable from start to finish! Would definitely recommend! Thanks again!

Fran Bestard

Experience is second to none

We highly recommend Rugby Pest Control. Their knowledge and experience is second to none. Fast and efficient wood worm treatment can't thank them enough. Wouldn't use any other firm.

Russ & Kay

Very reassuring

Initial contact with Michaela was very reassuring showing a clear depth of knowledge over the phone. Prompt response in sending out Brendan who quickly and efficiently diagnosed the problem and set out the way forward.

Jacqui Dewick

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