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Rabbit pest control service in Warwickshire


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Rabbit Pest Control in Warwickshire

Rabbits are nocturnal and will feed on just about any plant they are able to reach. Succulent pansies, any vegetable or fruit and most ground cover plants are all targets for hungry grazing rabbits. Since they strike at night, rabbits may go unnoticed for weeks.

Eventually, the land owner may notice plants are simply disappearing or dying. We can come and take your rabbits away and make sure you no longer have a problem.

Whatever the vermin problem, we can deal with it for you!

The Rabbit population is increasing and it is generally accepted that there is a need to control them.

The means of control include ferreting, snaring, gassing and shooting. Because of the size of the effort required, and the rabbit's inherent capacity for population increase, complete eradication is impractical. Instead, the aim should be to reduce rabbit numbers to levels at which damage is economically acceptable.

We deal with high volume rabbit removal and are one of the best rabbit catching teams in the UK. We can remove literally hundreds of rabbits in one single day without the use of chemicals. We take your problem away swiftly and humanely whilst saving you vast amounts of money in lost vegetation and land damage.

Rabbits do not respect boundaries and the most effective results will be achieved if management action is undertaken on adjoining land at the same time.

If it is possible for you to arrange with your neighbours we can effectively remove more of the threat by dealing with the neighbouring warrens. We can reduce your rabbit population immediately and then keep it under control with regular agreed visits. Contact us for a free consultation.

We are always happy to discuss rabbit control to help solve the problem effectively and economically. Please don't hesitate to call us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

The wild rabbit is the major economic wildlife pest species in the UK. Rabbit damage is a major economic problem for British agriculture, costing the industry an estimated £100 million annually by destroying crops and grazing.

How much of that £100,000,000 was yours?

New shoots on herbaceous plants can be grazed down to ground level. Foliage and soft shoots of woody plants can be grazed up to a height of 50cm (20in) by rabbits standing up on their hind legs. Bark may be gnawed away from the base of trunks, especially in winter when snow or frost makes other vegetation unavailable. This can kill the tree if bark is removed all the way around the trunk. Partly gnawed trunks should be wrapped in black polythene to encourage the damaged area to callus over. Bridge grafting can sometimes save badly damaged trees, for example on apples.

Rabbits also dig holes and scrapes in lawns and flower beds.


The railway network suffers a lot of damage from rabbits, as they tend to burrow into railway embankments weakening them. They also access adjoining land and damage the crops, vegetation and lawned areas etc.

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Very Helpful

Offered a lot of advice over the phone on the initial call which was very helpful. They came and sorted the problem out quickly and thoroughly -  More than happy to call them out again if we have any issues.

Albert Kaudze

Bird mites in the loft

Rugby Pest Control came out an hour after my phone call. They cleared out all nesting material from the loft and fumigated the whole house. He came back a week later to check for signs.  Inexpensive,  punctual, reliable and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Rugby Pest Control.

John Foster

Professional, reliable and knowledgeable

Can't thank the Rugby Pest Control team enough for sorting out issues on my premises. They were professional, reliable and knowledgeable from start to finish! Would definitely recommend! Thanks again!

Fran Bestard

Experience is second to none

We highly recommend Rugby Pest Control. Their knowledge and experience is second to none. Fast and efficient wood worm treatment can't thank them enough. Wouldn't use any other firm.

Russ & Kay

Very reassuring

Initial contact with Michaela was very reassuring showing a clear depth of knowledge over the phone. Prompt response in sending out Brendan who quickly and efficiently diagnosed the problem and set out the way forward.

Jacqui Dewick

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